Epic Nature has a open door policy for anyone that wants to get their hands dirty and experience rural living. We believe strongly in helping our community and our neighbors. We are now extending that to the homesteading and regenerative agriculture community.  Our farm is your farm. 

Give us a call to find out what is happening right now. 

Seasonal workshops

  • Mushrooms inoculations
  • Mushroom foraging
  • Edible perennial propagation
  • Starting garden seeds indoors
  • Chainsaw Maintenance
  • Berry picking
  • Pickling and preservation
  • Chicken and duck butchering
  • Pig butchering
  • Small game harvest and processing (squirrel, rabbit)
  • Deer/turkey hunting
  • Trapping (chicken killing predators)


If you have something seasonal you want to learn about make sure you arrange your farm tour in advance.   While some tasks are year round like animal feeding, care and husbandry. Others are seasonal like maple syrup that may only run for a couple weeks of the year.  And some foraging adventures are even more climate sensitive, like wild mushrooms usually only have a couple days to pick at the of peak freshness. 

Our past 20 years of rural life experience is an open book.  Ask us about what we would have done different.  All of our projects that didn’t meet expectations.  And most importantly our flat out failures.